Behind The Wheel: Porsche Cayman R

Porsche did the Boxster/Cayman rollout all backwards. The convertible was introduced prior to the hardtop and that’s typically not how things are done in the automotive industry (unless you’re the Dodge Viper SRT10/GTS). Let’s just say we’re glad because the wait for the Cayman was more than worth it because it brings us into a world where near-911 performance can be attained for thousands less. The Cayman R houses a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated 3.4 liter flat six engine that delivers 330 horsepower, 10 more than the very capable Boxster Spyder, the very car that gave rise to the Cayman R. And the Cayman R is easier to drive than a 911 due to its lightness and engine position, which lends to more neutral handling characteristics.

Reginald E. Weekes IV