Izola Handkerchief Sets

Scoff all you want at the dandy-esque ways of the handkerchief carrier — that is, until the fair lady between the two of you at the bar accidentally spills her drink and all you’ve got is a paper napkin. Make no mistake; the charms of a freshly laundered pocket square aren’t lost on a damsel in distress. Packaged in groups of three, Izola Handkerchief Sets ($40) are made for everything from tucking some aesthetic flair into a breast pocket, to assisting in your social life’s little emergencies. The 14” x 14” squares come in manly throwback themes such as Forrest, Pioneer, and Stars, and the fact that they’re made from high quality, 100% natural cotton ensures that the next time you’re called upon by a slightly uncoordinated maiden, you’ll be ready.