Louis Vuitton Made to Order Shoes

louis vuitton made to order 1 Louis Vuitton Made to Order Shoes

A pair of new shoes can make you feel like a whole new man, so imagine how a pair of new made-to-order shoes would make you feel? Now imagine those shoes were made just for your feet by Louis Vuitton. Now imagine a 30-foot unicorn standing high above you, shooting a rainbow of gummy bears out of each nostril. Now go back to the shoes.

Made To Order is indeed a new service from Louis Vuitton that allows you to create your own personal pair of shoes. “You choose the shape, the material, the finish, everything to invent the shoe that corresponds precisely to your tastes and desires,” the brand informs. “Three thousand possible combinations for the ultimate in luxury.” The shoes are hand-crafted in a Venetian workshop—”the cradle of this savoir-faire since the 13th century”—and are probably worth more than you’ll pay for them.

Reginald E. Weekes IV