Han Kjøbenhavn Spring/Summer 2012 Video

If for some reason you’ve always wondered why menswear has never crossed paths with bingo, you’ll finally have your answer thanks to the film for Danish designer Han Kjøbenhavn’sSpring/Summer 2012 line. Directed by revered Danish documentary filmmaker Asger Leth, the cut takes a rather dismal turn as a gang of mature punks dressed to the nines in Kjøbenhavn’s newest decide to wreak havoc on a peaceful bingo game. The music combines with gratuitous use of slow motion (which most certainly isn’t a bad thing) to give the collection a nightmarish feel, but one of those nightmares where you were dressed in sharply tailored muted tones before ending up at a rather dimly lit bar. Along with the definitely feeling of intrigue the video implores, a respect for Kjøbenhavn’s look is generated as well. This line is definitely worth further investigation, much like the questionable acts committed on screen.

Reginald E. Weekes IV