Lucio Antonucci: The Hat Maker

Born in Francavilla, Italy, Lucio Antonucci discovered his talents for hat making at an early stage in his life. After graduating from college with a degree in communications and graphic design, Lucio landed one of his first jobs as a photographer for a company that produced hats. While standing behind the lens, Lucio’s creativity was always in full swing. He admits to coming up with different designs, ways of enhancing the hats he was shooting from the moment he began working. All of his bottled up creativity finally came to the forefront and Lucio eventually became the company’s lead designer. After a successful 10 year stint with the company and numerous runway shows under his belt, Lucio decided to start his own company and in 1988 he opened his very own atelier.
Lucio continued to learn the art of hat making as his company was growing. In the early 90′s, he began to learn the trade from some experienced female hat makers. With this newfound tutelage, he expanded on his own designs and creations, becoming interested in creating hats that maintained a balance between a formal and modern structure. Lucio is a real inspiration and hopefully our photo diary captures his talent as well as his passion for hat making.

Reginald E. Weekes IV