Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver and Fairway Woods

When you hear the words “larger” and “curves” used to to describe something, a golf club isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind. At 9% larger than last year’s F11, the 2012 Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver ($349) was designed with aerodynamics in mind. Featuring their Airfoil technology, the F12 has a few extra curves in all the right places. Although unique in appearance, by using recessed curves on the crown, Adams was able to produce a 14% reduction in drag and improve club head speed by 3 mph. Continuing with the aerodynamic theme, Adams pairs the F12 with a Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue shaft with Speed Coat Technology to further reduce drag.

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Also unconventional in appearance, the Speedline Fast Fairway Wood 12 ($249) delivers the kind of performance that brings home Golf Digest Hot List bacon and the kind you want to have in your bag. Featuring their second generation Velocity Slot Technology, VST is essentially a slot within a slot. With this design, Adams is able to create a thinner and more flexible design that delivers a club face with everything you love most: more distance, higher ball speeds, launch angles, increased forgiveness, all without increasing spin.

With the start of golf season only a few months away, now’s about the time to dust off your old clubs and trade them in. With an optimum mix for performance, playability, and forgiveness, Adams’ 2012 line of Speedline Fast Drivers and Fairway Woods are sure to get your season off to a good start.

Reginald E. Weekes IV