Hufnagel Porteur City Bike

hufnagel 01 Hufnagel Porteur City Bike

Jordan Hufnagel likes bikes. He rides them a lot and when not spinning around Portland Oregon he’s designing and building them. His latest project is the Porteur/City bike, the result of a years work to create his perfect bike. As you can see it’s pretty good looking but we’re told it’s also a joy to ride. But seriously, look at it,  handsome right?
Anyway, this features “a custom fitted hand built frame, fork, stem and rack.All designed to have a clean look and intuitive function.” A lot of the bits n’ pieces that make up the frame were made in Jordan’s own house with much love care and attention no doubt. It’s a limited run and if you’re looking for a Christmas present to make everyone elses efforts seem pathetic then this is it. 
Reginald E. Weekes IV