Introducing D.C. Lewis Footwear | Clayton Monkstrap

Over the past several months, two young gents, David and Logan, have been working very hard on the release of the first collection for their new footwear brand, D.C. Lewis.  I’ve been pining for a pair of single monkstraps ever since I first laid eyes on the Alfred Sargent Benson MTOs I blogged about a while back and I’m now very tempted to pull the trigger on these.  There is, however, a long lead time for some colors since these are basically MTO but the upside is that you can select the color of leather and even choose from nubuck and – get this – brown and black suede.  I’ll probably have to get a pair of suede double monks before I get sueded-out singles, but the option is certainly intriguing.  Also intriguing is that future models will have the much sought after fiddleback waist and will be priced only slightly higher than the base model, which is $425 + S/H.  Worth the marginal cost, I’m sure.  For more information on these, check out David’s and Logan’s thread on StyleForum here and be sure to check out their “Porter” model as well.  You can also email D.C. Lewis directly at  So let me know what you guys think!  I think that I would like to see a less parallel strap (I like the downward angle of the Bensons, for example), but its a minor issue really and I’d have to see the shoes up close to be certain.  I am also very interested in learning more about sizing.  There wasn’t really anything conclusive in the StyleForum thread.  For those of you willing to pull the trigger right now though, head over to Austin-based designer Kent Wang’s online store here.  Cheers!
Reginald E. Weekes IV